From Classes III to V (Jr. Classes) & VI to VIII (Sr. Classes)

The English Language is very important for everyone because it is one of the most widely spoken language in the world. Learning English kids feel much more comfortable in school with their studies. Almost all school subjects
are in English except a few. Our main focus is on Speaking, Listening, Reading & Writing. Using Audio/Video Classes helps kids be more confident. Being confident means that a kid has the opportunity to express his/her ideas and opinions with their families, relatives, and friends and in gatherings feel more comfortable while talking in English. For all these reasons, English has the power to make kids more confident.

Why especially join Pak College for Kids English Language?

There are many good reasons:
 There are qualified, experienced & cooperative teachers
 Main focus on Speaking, Listening, Reading & Writing
 Teaching through Audio / Video along with group discussion
 Boost confidence level in the English Language
 Situational role plays are given
 Excellent environment for Kids boys & girls
 Physical & Online Classes Available


2 Months Certificate Course


Mon - Friday (Sat & Sun off)


10-12 pm & 4-6 pm