Autodesk Revit Architecture

( Duration 2 Months )

The best for Architects, Designers, Contractors & Structure Engineers

Revit Basics
User Interface, Ribbon Interface, Snaps Reference Planes, Project Units
Work Plane, Templates.

Walls, Wall Justification Wall Profile, Wall Attach, Windows, Doors
Components, Floors, Ceilings, Roofs Curtain Walls, Stairs, Railings, Materials.

3d Views, Camera, Sections, Detailed Views Callouts, Elevations, Drafting Views, Levels.

Importing Exporting
DWG Importing Exporting Format Scheduling & Quantities, Linking Revit Model
Purge Unused, Transfer Project Standard

Materials, Snapshots, Walkthroughs

Review Warnings

Sheet Creation Setting Scales

Dimensions, Equal Dimensions Linear Dimension, Aligned Dimension
Arc Length, Radius, Angular Dimension Dimensional Editing, Grids, Detail Lines
Model Lines, Revision Cloud, Region Spot Coordinate, Elevation Coordinate
Slope Coordinate, Tagging.

Topography & Building Pad.

Geometry Handling
Erase, Copy, Mirror, Offset, Array, Move Rotate, Stretch, Trim, Extend, Split, Wall Join
Beam/Column Joins, Cope, Paint.

Families & Masses
Standard Families Creation Creating Parametric Families
Mass Creation for Irregular Architecture

Interactions between different disciplines Interference Detection
Copy/Monitor, Work sets

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