Autodesk 3ds Max

( Duration 3 Months )

The best for Engineers, Architects, Interior Designers & Students

Introduction Animation
Program Interface Introduction & Types of Animation
Preferences About key & key frame animation
Unit Setup Transforms, Parameters & Modifiers
Customization Animation Controllers & Track View
View port Configuration Animating Compound Objects
Modeling Trajectories, Space Warps & Camera
Modeling Basics Animating Lights
Standard & Extended Primitives Bones and Skeleton
Modeling Modifiers & Compound Objects The Hierarchy
Patch/Polygon/NURBS Modeling Inverse Kinematics
Materials Helpers
The Material Editor & Library The Dummy Object
Types of Material & shaders Atmospheric Apparatus
Textures/Procedurals Maps Point/Tape Helper & Compass
2D/3D Maps & UVW Mapping Rendering
VRAY/Mental Ray) Basic/Advance Rendering Settings
Lighting Resolution & File Formats
Intro to Color Models/ VRAY/Mental Ray) The Alpha Channel
Additive, Subtractive & HSV/HWB Model The Environment Background
Types of Light & Lighting Techniques Fog, Volume Fog & Combustion
3 Point Lighting, Zone/Mode Lighting Setup Explosions & Video Post
Atmospheric Effects & the Sunlight Final Project

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